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Kostume Kult – elevating the fun of Kreative Kostuming.    Kostume Kult is New York City’s premiere group for creating costumed fun events that embrace creativity, humor and absurdism.   From participating in existing costuming events (Mermaid Parade, Halloween Parade, Decom, etc.) to creating our own (Zombiecon, Horned Ball, Burn Mitzvah, and many, many more), you would be hard pressed to find a better group to be with if you love costuming.   Although the Burning Man festival is one of Kostume Kult’s main interests, we create and attend costuming events and parties all year ‘round.
Although many of the pictures of events that Kostume Kult participates in can also be found under other headings on this website, I’ve created this page to make it easier for KK people (and potentially interested people) to view some of the images.

Lately, I've been posting my pictures on Flickr because it's easier (I don't have to resize them and modify more html) and because people can view them in large sizes if they choose. I'll be duplicating them here when I have the time, but until then, here's a link to my latest pictures.
Most Recent Photo Collections

For even more pictures, and far more information, check out the website at KostumeKult.    Come join us and embrace your inner changeling!

Splashdown Party Pictures 2006

Mermaid Parade Pictures 2006

Black and Light Ball 2006 Pictures

Horned Ball 2006 Pictures

Battling Brooklyn Bunnies and Easter Parade 2006

Leprecon 2006 Pictures

Alt-Oscar Party 2006 Pictures

Idiotarod 2006 Pictures

Spunkbubble 1977- Punk vs. Disco Pictures

Decom 2005 Pictures

Halloween Parade NYC 2005 Pictures

Zombiecon 2005 Pictures

Mermaid Parade 2005

Oompa Loopy Party 2005 Pictures

Burn Mitzvah 2005 Pictures

New Year's Eve 2005 Three Wishes Party Pictures

Howl Festival 2005 Pictures

Candy Couture at Dylan's 2005 Pictures

Jason DeLuca Birthday 2005 Pictures

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